Rosa Tavares

Certified Accountant No. 52002

(+351) 21 392 8592

My name is Rosa Tavares. I joined the Granconta team in 2008. I started my professional career in 1979. Between 1989 and 2008, as a member of the Board of INDE (NGO for development), I was responsible for the design and management of projects in the areas of training and support for the creation and development of micro and small enterprises.

Accounting Technician

Technicienne en Comptabilité

(+351) 21 392 8595

I am Isabel Loureiro and I have been working at Granconta since 1988. I interrupted my journey between 2000 and 2005 when I was responsible for Accounting at Lopes & Lopes (a motorcycle dealership). After this professional experience, I rejoined the Granconta team.

Fernanda Augusto

Computer Operator

(+351) 21 392 8591

I am Fernanda Augusto. I have been with Granconta since it was founded in 1980. My professional career began at Dima, in Mozambique, as a stock controller. In 1978 I joined Fonodis, from where I left for Granconta. Between 1998 and 2000 I also passed London General Insurance.

Fátima Silva

Accounting Technician

(+351) 21 392 8599

My name is Fatima Silva. I started my professional career in 1979. I joined the Sonae Group in 1988 as an Administrative/Accounting Technician and I have been with Granconta since February 2019.

Luis Miguel

Documentation and External Services

(+351) 21 392 8590

I am Luis Miguel. I joined Granconta in 2005. I previously worked as an installer of digital equipment for NetCabo and as a courier at Teldita.

Márcio Lopes

Certified Accountant No. 96474

(+351) 21 392 8594

I am Márcio Lopes and I arrived in September 2016. I entered the job market in 2002, I was an Accounting Technician, in an accounting company, until 2009, and later administrative/financial coordinator of projects co-financed by the European Social Fund, in an IPSS, until 2015. I am also a certified trainer in several areas.

Paulo Pereira de Almeida

Certified Accountant No. 1812

I became a partner at Granconta in 1990. Before that, I was head of the export section at Mitsubishi Motors. I worked at Itau - Technical Institute for Human Food and at Eurocarnes, companies of the Trivalor group, as Financial Director. I returned to Mitsubishi Motors in 1995 and a year later I was Financial Director of Yamaha Motor de Portugal.
I spent 8 years as CFO of Hovione Farmaciencia, before definitively joining Granconta.

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Years of Activity

We have been active in the market since 1980.



On average, and given that we have been active for 40 years, this is the average retention time in our customer base.



Over the years, we have had the opportunity to come across many customers. To all of them, even those who are no longer with us, our thanks.


Accountants Team

We have 3 certified accountants and 2 accounting technicians in our work team, who put all their knowledge into the service of our customers.


Customers Satisfaction

This is our customer satisfaction indicator, measured by customer retention and the age of our portfolio.



This is the number of documents from our clients that we processed in 2020.

Granconta's History

  • 1980Fondation

    Granconta was incorporated on June 19, 1980. The registered office was at Av. João Crisóstomo and the share capital was 100,000 escudos (500€). At that time, a used accounting machine was acquired (which worked with magnetic cards) and, with a portfolio of 20 customers, some of whom are still with us, the business took off. As for the initial technical resources, it is unavoidable to talk about Regisconta, a company that dominated the office equipment sector in the 1980s. Theirs was the Philips P320 accounting machine, bought used in 1979 for 375,000 escudos (just over €2,000 at today), however, replaced by StepOne, something similar to a computer that we still have today.

  • 1981Capital increase

    On this date, and to meet investment needs, the share capital increased fivefold, to 500,000 escudos. Over the years, the customers who were with us in the foundation have been modernized and it is with deep pride that we quote them, in no particular order, with the names they have today:
    A2P Engineering Studies and Projects
    GRID International Consulting Engineering
    Pereira da Laurentina restaurant
    Dutlarte – Commerce of electrical appliances
    Pinto Cabeleireiros Lda (by Joaquim Pinto)
    Forwarding agent Fernando Almeida Nogueira
    Vimúsica Music and Sound
    To all of them, but to these in particular, we are grateful for the trust they have always placed in us.

  • 1990Capital increase, entry of new partner and change of location

    The share capital increased to 1,500,000 escudos and Paulo Almeida joined the company. On this date, the entire IT system was renovated. It was on this date that we moved the premises to Rua José Falcão.

  • 1997Capital increase and change of location

    The new capital increase, to 5,000,000 escudos, (approximately €25,000) to face a renovation of our IT park and change of premises, to Rua da Esperança, in Lisbon.

  • 2009Share Capital Increase

    Always growing, new share capital increase to 33,000 euros

  • 2017 A year of new transformations

    This year marks a new phase in Granconta's modernization: It is the year in which we renewed our information technology, renewed our website, our logo and moved our facilities to Algés, to Largo Comandante Augusto Madureira 7-1º Esq. We are waiting for you!

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