Compensation for the increase in the value of RMMG

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17 February, 2022

We propose to address Decree-Law no. 37/2021 of 21 May, which creates an exceptional measure of compensation for the increase in the value of the guaranteed minimum monthly remuneration. This measure comes at the moment when it begins to be less defined, and support is granted to all private employers based in mainland Portugal, as well as natural persons, with one or more workers at their service than on December 31, 2020. received as base remuneration or guaranteed monthly remuneration (RMMG), with no value of € 635.00, whose base remuneration was greater than € 635.00 and less than € 665.00.

The Instituto de Turismo de Portugal IP (Portugal Agency for Tourism of Portugal IP) ), in the sector to which the employer is dedicated.

But, in order to benefit from this exceptional measure, the employer must gather the following elements:

a) Present, in the remuneration statement for the month of December 2020, one or more full-time workers, with a declared base salary value equal to or greater than the RMMG for 2020 and less than the RMMG for 2021;

b) Have, at the time of payment of the same, as their tax and contributory jurisdictions regularized, before, respectively, the tax administration and social security;

c) The Administration to the entities providing Social Security information, through the protocol mentioned below:

i) name or corporate name of the company;

ii) number of criteria defined by the previous quality;

iii) Tax Identification Number (NIF) and Social Security Identification Number (NISS) of the entity.

The pecuniary has a value of € 84.50 per worker, in the declaration of remuneration for the month of December 2020, it measured the value of the declared remuneration base equivalent to the RMMG for 2020 lower than the RMMG for 2021.

Through a pandemic, the decree-support-support-support-employment for the same job can be provided for, including contracts awarded in the context of others related to the COVID-19 disease, whose last decree-support measure by nature is dependent on conditions inherent to contract workers.

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