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Granconta – Accounting Services Lda.



We have 4 certified accountants and 2 accounting technicians in our work team, who put all their knowledge into the service of our customers.


Years of Activity

We have been active in the market since 1980.


On average, and given that we have been active for over 40 years, this is the average retention time in our customer base.


Customer Retention

This is the indicator measures the capacity to retain customers in our portfolio, which is a measure of satisfaction.



Over the years, we had the opportunity to come across many customers. To all of them, even those who are no longer with us, our thanks.



This is the number of documents from our clients that we processed in 2022.

We are a Trusted Company


Granconta is a company specialized in the provision of Accounting and Administration Technical Services, active in the national market since 1980.

We develop our activity committed to quality and rigorous values, in a process of continuous improvement assuring our Customers the availability of a set of information that enables Managers to get focused on their business management.

Accounting is an activity that is always evolving, the result of the globalization of economies. Because we pay attention to these changes, we continuously ensure a service that follows the new requirements of Managers, and recipients of information in general.

Collaborative Accounting

This new accounting concept rose from the most recent digital accounting solutions, where the paper is being replaced for digital records, following environmental concerns, more and more present these days.

We are proud to inform we are absolutely focused in being in the front line, applying and enforcing these solutions applications, sharing with our Customers these amazing tools.

Our accounting software provides online information to business managers, in real time, at a distance of a click, or a phone app. Granconta has made a considerable investment to make this technology available to our Customers.


Taxation is an area in constant transformation. It is very demanding because it systematically evolves. The government’s annual budget introduces changes to taxation every year, with impacts on all tax frames. Our concern is to keep up to date. We aim to ensure that all the company’s obligations are met. Our mission is to be the right partner for your business.

From an operational point of view, Granconta is contractually responsible for complying with all reporting obligations, under the terms of the VAT, IRC, IRS, Social Security and FCT regulations. In general, all facts subjected to accounting records must be posted and properly framed in the company’s taxation (and frequently in the scope of individual taxation as well). It is in this consulting scope that Granconta is keen to collaborate.

Transfer Pricing

It is an area of Taxation that, being so complex, has become a concern of entrepreneurs who have internationalized their businesses, through the creation of branches or subsidiaries abroad.

Auditors and Tax Authority worldwide created offices and trained specialized staff to respond to the growing demands of the market, as a result of the increasing dynamics of economic agents.

It is important to recognize here that all the parties involved have human and technical resources to match the requirements.

We pay attention. We want and can help.


Filling out and submitting an IRS yearly return form (Model 3) doesn’t have to be complicated.

Nevertheless, some statements are demanding and can be extraordinarily complex.

We are here to help you.

Other Services

Because we want to participate in the growth of your business, we propose to get involved

in other fundamental areas of management, so that your business can grow and consolidate.

  • Tax Consulting;
  • IT Consulting;
  • Commercial Management (issuing invoicing and submitting SAFT);
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Investment Projects;
  • Financing Applications.

We can always adjust other services according to our client's needs


Filipe & Janina

Air Apps

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the professional partnership we have shared over the past months. Your hard work and dedication have been instrumental in our success, and we are grateful for your contributions. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year and to the many opportunities that lie ahead. Please accept my best wishes for a happy holiday season and a successful new year.

Nuno Lopes

Grid International

We register the permanent commitment of our Certified Accountant ... that in the difficult moments we have been through in the last 3 years, never failing to perform his duties that he was responsible for, was always present.

Paulo Cebolo

PJSC Unipessoal Lda

Excellent professionals who were always available for the development of tailor-made solutions for our activity, always satisfying all requests, being able to put aside concerns about numbers, accounting and tax matters, etc.
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