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Taxation is an area in constant transformation. It is very demanding because it systematically evolves. The government’s annual budget introduces changes to taxation every year, with impacts on all tax frames. Our concern is to keep up to date. 

Our aim is to ensure that all the company's obligations are met. Our mission is to be the right partner for your business.

From an operational point of view, Granconta is contractually responsible for complying with all reporting obligations, under the terms of the VAT, IRC, IRS, Social Security and FCT regulations. 

In general, all facts subjected to accounting records must be posted and properly framed in the company’s taxation (and frequently in the scope of individual taxation as well). It is in this consulting scope that Granconta is keen to collaborate.


Reason nº 1

Razão nº 1
Granconta's mission is to monitor the evolution of all relevant legislation in terms of Corporate Accounting and Taxation and, in a process of continuous improvement and in close proximity to the Customer, put all its knowledge at your service.

Reason nº 2

Razão nº 2
Granconta understands that Accounting is the only and true source of information for the management of its clients' business, and the RIGOR, RESPONSIBILITY and SERIOUSNESS of its Service guarantee effective support in making Management decisions.

Reason nº 3

Razão nº 3
Granconta's objective is to differentiate itself from the competition, assuming a fundamental role in solid and lasting business partnerships, participating in the dynamism and growth of its customers' business.

Reason nº 4

Razão nº 4
Granconta's fundamental values are WORK and QUALITY, which are, in essence, our CUSTOMER assets.

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